27-29 September 2023 – Leiden – Stadsgehoorzaal

Organisation of regular sessions

27th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators, 2023

Each of the regular sessions (i.e., non-special sessions) includes 3 or 4 lectures around a specific topic (represented by the name of the session). A session will be coordinated by an assigned chairperson. It is up to the chair how to organize the session. Discussion about papers, for instance, may be scheduled right after each paper individually or after all papers at once. Most important task of the chair is to make sure the session remains within the time slot in the program and that all presenters get sufficient room to present their work.   Most sessions contain 3 papers and last 75 minutes, which means 20 minutes for each paper and 15 minutes for discussion. A couple of sessions contain 4 papers for which we scheduled 90 minutes. 

Once we have assigned chairs to the sessions, we will send them the names and email addresses of presenters in their session. We will ask chairs to contact presenters about the way the session should be organized.