27-29 September 2023 – Leiden – Stadsgehoorzaal

Call for special sessions

27th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators, 2023

Submission closed

The STI 2023 conference welcomes proposals for special sessions.

The central theme of the STI 2023 conference is “Improving scholarly evaluation practices in the light of cultural change. Contributing to more responsible, sustainable and transparent methods to assess academic work”. This relates to a number of topics that are at the heart of ongoing developments both in science policy and in the field of science and technology studies: the reform of research evaluation procedures, in particular around various initiatives across Europe to revise recognition and reward processes, and also the European-wide Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) initiative, the transition towards a healthier academic culture, and in particular the transition towards open science practices.

The conference will be organized as a hybrid event. We therefore support both physical and online attendance including possibilities for remote presentations. Kindly indicate your preference in the submission. 

We specifically invite submissions for special sessions on the following topics:

  • Reform of research evaluation practices, in the light of responsible research assessment
  • Open science practices, in the light of responsible research assessment
  • Healthy academic culture, in the light of responsible research assessment

More broadly, we welcome contributions on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • academic careers
  • collaboration
  • equity, diversity and inclusion
  • funding impact assessment
  • interdisciplinarity/transdisciplinarity
  • open research information
  • open science
  • research culture
  • research evaluation practices
  • research management
  • scholarly communication
  • science indicators
  • science policy
  • societal impact of research
  • systemic and behavorial effects of evaluations and indicators
  • science, technology and innovation
  • theoretical foundations
  • university rankings

Types of contributions

Special sessions can be organized using various formats, such as panels, round tables, pitches with a discussion attached, etc. We do not want to prescribe a specific format, but leave that open to the initiators of a special session. When proposing a special session, you may also submit a contribution to that special session. Those submissions will not undergo the general peer review procedure, but will be assessed together with the proposal of the special session.

Submission and peer review process

The submission of a proposal for a special track at STI2023 will be done to the conference directly. Submit your proposal to “sti2023@cwts.leidenuniv.nl”, putting “STI-ENID special session proposal” in the e-mail subject field.

The proposal for a special session should contain a clear outline of the topic(s) involved, a description of the format, as well as short abstracts of the contributions of the speakers in the session. Also indicate whether you wish the session to be hybrid or on-site only.
The submitted proposals will be assessed by the scientific committee of the STI2023 conference.

Key dates

Deadline for submitting the proposal for special sessions: 21st of April 2023.
Notification of the final outcome of the assessment process: 16th of June 2023.